Bouygues Telecom

Director – Copywriter

  • Production: Olibrius Prod
  • Agence: BETC France
  • Direction: Florian Pernot
  • Editing: Florian Hautekiet
  • Color grading: Thibault Chanet
  • Mixing: Merci Monsieur


To raise awareness about internet habits, Bouygues Telecom has designed a tabletop mini-game where our guests, including Lena Situations, will have the opportunity to find out if they truly understand the daily dangers they face as internet consumers. This engaging experience invites participants to explore their own knowledge and perceptions, challenging them to distinguish between safe practices and potential risks. Through this interactive journey, we aim to educate and enlighten, turning what could be a daunting topic into an enjoyable and enlightening exploration of the digital world.

Episode 1 – Cyberharcèlement
Episode 2 – Temps d’écran