Her Freedom to Play

Orange Jeux

Creative Director

  • Production: JK Groupe
  • Direction: Zulma Rouge
  • Photography: Arnaud Gomez
  • Editing: Pierre-Emeric Portier
  • Color grading: Thibault Chanet
  • Mixing: Merci Monsieur


To promote the success of the Orange Games platform, we crafted and scripted this brief advertisement. The core concept was to highlight the notion that women too are talented gamers and that they could come together to challenge each other on Orange Games. This narrative unfolds as a celebration of female gamers, showcasing their skill, passion, and the vibrant community they form on this platform. It’s not just an advertisement; it’s a testament to the inclusivity and diversity of the gaming world. Through compelling visuals and stirring storytelling, we invite viewers to witness the empowerment and camaraderie that Orange Games fosters among women, transforming the perception of gaming into a realm where talent knows no gender.f

Orange Jeux – Her Freedom to Play